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The next writing course at Il Paretaio will be held from March 13th to 17th with a minimum of 5 participants.

"In the course we will learn how to write empathetic characters and situations, how to produce exciting, yet distinctive dialogue, and how to manipulate language to aid us with these ambitions”. Full written feedback on class work and homework is provided.

The teacher is Tes Noah Asfaw. Tes teaches undergraduates on the Stanford program at the University of Oxford and is the course tutor for creative writing (prose, poetry and screenwriting) and film studies.

The cost is Euro 280 for the course and we make a promoted cost of Euro 360 for the stay (total cost Euro 640) and it includes 4 nights of accommodation with breakfast buffet and dinner, and one 2-3 hour session of writing per day (4 days, from Thursday to Sunday).

The course is open to all levels of writing (also absolute beginners) and a good level of English is required (you do not need to be an expert, neither in writing nor in English!). Tes is a very encouraging and warm person that makes everyone feel at ease.

Riding is available at an extra cost and you can ride one-two times per day as usual (dressage lessons Euro 49, beginner lessons Euro 39, ride out Euro 40-59).

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