A visit by Patricia Norcia with students

logo cavallo il Paretaio
"As a classical dressage trainer here in the US, I have often organized riding trips to the best of classical centers in Europe, and Il Paretaio is one of the best. Set in the most beautiful Tuscan countryside, the ring is surrounded by vineyards and olive trees. The trainers Cristina and Giovanni di Marchi have created a peaceful, joyous environment where excellent riding can occur on lovely horses in the classical manner. It is the whole experience that enveloped my students in well-being and this applied to all the learning. Il Paretaio offers a big house where meals are served by the friendly cooking staff. Yoga classes were offered, cooking classes, a trail ride through the vineyards for a wine tasting, trips to San Gimignano and Florence added to the experience. Good riding can only occur when our minds are quiet and listening, and this, I felt, was the greatest gift Il Paretaio had to offer. I cannot wait for a return visit to this special place."
Il Paretaio 2019-02-13